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I just returned Sunday night from a quick trip down to the Outer Banks, NC to visit my extended family and enjoy myself on the beach for a few days.

I hope this nextstatement doesn’t dissuade anyone from continuing to read this blog; I like to shoot guns, and every time I head down to the Outer Banks I am sure to bring my pistol and (new) rifle with me since the ranges are MUCH more lax than around here. Plus, I don’t think I’ve been to an indoor range anywhere in the South, and it’s A LOT nicer to shoot outdoors than inside of a confined range where a gunshot blast sounds a million times louder! I also can purchase ammo from Wal-Mart for a drastically cheaper price and haul it back to DC for a rainy day, so to speak.

On to the pictures…

I can’t say it enough; right place, righttime, and prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance. Sorry, flashback from my military days…anyways, when Amy and I showed up to the range on Saturday morning the pistol section was closed off due to “cowboys,” as listed at the trailer (yes trailer) that regulates the range. At first I was kind of bummed, but then I saw these guys and realized what a great photo opportunity I have available.

I walked over and introduced myself and just like most groups of old guys; they were extremely cordial. Theyhad no problem with me shooting them during their internal event and just asked that I stayed behind the firing line, not a problem. It turns out these guys are part of bigger group called the SASS or Single Action Shooting Society and they get together every 4th Saturday of every month to run through staged events.

I only breifly talked to a few of their members (I also went over there to ask them for help after a cartridge became lodged in my SKS) and one of them took the time out to break down the events, which you can find more information on here if you’re interested. The quick and dirty; they have to fire two pistots, one rifle, and one shotgun at a series of Hogan’s Alley(that’s what they’re really called, “You have to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s toy“)style targets. There’s plenty more info listed on their site if you care to take the time out?

If not enjoy the pic and look for an album on my site within the next week.

Twin Tech Party


Things have been busy and busy is good! I’m just putting the finishing touches on the Bozzuto set and I’m looking to get permission from the company to post a few of the pics for my portfolio. I’m especially proud of the product that I’m turning into them. For the last couple weeks I’ve been a Photoshop machine, and with the addition of CS3 and Lightroom to my arsenal, I’m really feeling like this is all coming together!

This time last week I shot an event for a good friend of mine, Peter Corbett. There’s a large gallery posted of the event on the site and if you get a chance, check ‘em out! Also, I had my first student…apprentice…I don’t know? How about another friend of mine, Amit Mehta volunteered to help me out with this shoot. He’s got a tremendous eye and just as soon as he learns his Cannon 5D inside and out, he will be well on his way to becoming a great photographer.

The event was a lot of fun for me since I got to take pics, meet a whole plethora of people, and expand my photography network…all good things. The crowd was real easy to shoot and since this was my second time with the “tech community,” I ran into some familiar faces that helped me wrangle people for shots. Good tip for any aspiring event photographers that happen to stumble across this blog; when shooting events where alcohol is being supplied…hold off on the group shots as long as possible. Shoot candids with a telephoto lens until people get a chance to get a couple drinks in them, it makes things drasitcally easier and everybody loves you for some reason???

At the end of the night I had just the right amount of shots and post processing wasn’t to lengthy since I shot in JPEG because it was a “charity gig” for me. I want to take the time out to say thanks to Peter and Amit and that I am looking forward to working with them again in the future.

River Rats

Dave Brogg and the King

I posted a new gallery last night of an organization I am a part of called the River Rats, who are a collection of Vietnam pilots that do some tremendously great work for both active duty and retired soldiers. Their primary mission is to take care of flyer’s who die in the line of duty, but recently they have branched off to take care of any soldier who reaches out to them with a good cause.

I fit into the fray ever since they came to the realization that their ranks are slowly diminishing since there are only so many people who served in ‘Nam. I was recruited about a year ago after the organization came open to all flyer’s, and not just ones that flew over South East Asia. Now a year later, their ranks are open to anyone willing to put in the time to volunteer and who have the “Rat” mentality.

They are truly a great group and if you’re like me and enjoy listening to Vets and their wild stories, you’d fit right in with these guys (and gals now).

We got together last week to discuss fund raising and our latest volunteer event coming up August 9th at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center where we will be hosting a lunch in for 300 something wounded soldiers. The last event they had there was my inauguration into the chapter and I had a great time, aside from being one of the youngest guys there and by default forced to lug a majority of the heavy furniture (I’m not forgetting about you either Scroll!),

I’m looking forward to capturing some more of our get togethers and I’ll be sure to spread the word about what our DC chapter is up to.

As the Rats say,

“Check six!”