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Dave Brogg and the King

I posted a new gallery last night of an organization I am a part of called the River Rats, who are a collection of Vietnam pilots that do some tremendously great work for both active duty and retired soldiers. Their primary mission is to take care of flyer’s who die in the line of duty, but recently they have branched off to take care of any soldier who reaches out to them with a good cause.

I fit into the fray ever since they came to the realization that their ranks are slowly diminishing since there are only so many people who served in ‘Nam. I was recruited about a year ago after the organization came open to all flyer’s, and not just ones that flew over South East Asia. Now a year later, their ranks are open to anyone willing to put in the time to volunteer and who have the “Rat” mentality.

They are truly a great group and if you’re like me and enjoy listening to Vets and their wild stories, you’d fit right in with these guys (and gals now).

We got together last week to discuss fund raising and our latest volunteer event coming up August 9th at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center where we will be hosting a lunch in for 300 something wounded soldiers. The last event they had there was my inauguration into the chapter and I had a great time, aside from being one of the youngest guys there and by default forced to lug a majority of the heavy furniture (I’m not forgetting about you either Scroll!),

I’m looking forward to capturing some more of our get togethers and I’ll be sure to spread the word about what our DC chapter is up to.

As the Rats say,

“Check six!”

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