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Starlight MidAtlantic

For those of you who haven’t seen this gallery on my page, take some time to read the descriptions and see what great work this organization does for a wonderful group of children. I truly look forward to going to these shoots to hang out with the kids and interact with the parents. Everyone is a lot of fun to work with and I am hard pressed to find anyone who shys away from the camera.

This last shoot just so happened to fall on my birthday and I could not have had a more perfect day. The weather was beautiful, everyone was enjoying themselves, Amy was with me, but the Nats lost…oh well. I captured some awesome candid shots from a somewhat slow game and I hope that everyone in attendance gets a chance to put eyes on the gallery.

I REALLY like this shot I captured of the little girl and would consider it one of my best shots to date! I wish I knew her name, but this was only my second time seeing her and I will be sure to find out who the mystery celebrity is during the next Starlight MidAtlantic event. I caught this shot as she was rushing up a flight of stairs right next to me and all of a sudden tripped. She came up from her spill smiling and the Beercan was spot on in capturing her and that lovely smile. I was fortunate that the a700 was in already in aperture priority mode set to F4 giving me that great crisp image with no center fallout. After a dab of Photoshopping (her lunch was still scattered on her face, very funny) an amazing image came out that I don’t think could ever be replicated.

If you want to read more about Starlight MidAtlantic you can check out their homepage here, and you can see some of my work posted on their site here and here.

More importantly, here is where volunteer information can be found!

Build It

The long awaited gallery is finally up! Or I should say, my long awaited gallery is finally…never mind.

It’s actually been up for about a week now, but things have been entirely too busy lately for me to take time out to blog, so I apologize to the few of you who take the time out to read my ramblings. If you head on over to the gallery linked above you’ll see a good bit of detailed information about the shoot and a brief breakdown on some of the shots.

Architectural photography is VERY challenging, getting the verticals vertical and the horizontals horizontal is very demanding. That’s just the beginning of it, the next big hurdle is getting the colors right. The combination of exterior natural lighting, combined with tungsten/halogen/fluorescent bulbs, on top of strobes makes it even more difficult to execute what you picture in your head. The final bump is the arrangements, I used to take for granted how interior shots were laid out…not anymore! What you think looks good to you looks very much constrained to an 18mm lens set to a high aperture. Plus, nailing that right aspect ratio is very difficult and time consuming.

Don’t mind my gripes, this was a great shoot and it was even better having Amy around to lend me a woman’s perspective and more importantly…to help carry all the gear! Awesome experience, and at the end of two days of shooting I had some phenominal pictures on my hands that I couldn’t wait to show to the client, which is a really great feeling. If anyone from Bozzuto is out there reading this, I would like to use this opportunity to pass a BIG THANK YOU for your business, and I’m looking forward to working with you guys more in the future.


Twoof my more recent ventures out of DCafforded me a great opportunity to break my camera out for a old hobby of mine that I miss very much…fast cars!

I used to be BIG into cars, trucks, bikes, and just about anything with a combustion engine, but about a year ago I had to come to grips with the reality just how expensive it is to own a sports car. After a good 8 years of owning a quick car which consumed 93 octane, obsessively shopping for aftermarket parts, and showing up to courthearings in uniform to duck out ofcountless speeding tickets,I finally threw in the towel and purchased a ho hum Jeep Cherokee, which is great for getting around the city and hauling all my gear.

But man do I itch to put it down!!! It’s terrible to say, but I really miss darting through traffic around here, being able to take my car out into Potomacwhere I couldlean on the throttle while coming in hard through a turn, and drag at a lightat completelyuncessary moments.

Maybe some day…

In the mean time I’ll exercise those urges out with my bicycle, and (yes I do realize how weak that is, but it’s a great kick if you’ve never tried it!)my camera. Does that work? OK, that was my only bit of justification…on to the pictures.

The first set in my new “cars” gallery is from NY, you can check the description for details, but the long short is that I attended a car show just down the street from Amy’s parents place with her stepfather Jim who owns an incredible AC Cobra that I promise to shoot up and down the next time I’m up there.

The second set is from that road trip I referenced before going off on a tangent and is comprised of two shows; the first being from an impromptu stop for Chick-fil-a off I 95 where we stumbled upon a classic car show. The second set in that same folder is from another car show, but this time inNC where again, we set out to head somewhere but were distracted by the dual exhausts and custom paint jobs.

I really like these two folders and how they turned out. The NY shots I playedaround a bit, while the NCpicsI tried to stay true to the images but ended up straying towards the end. Digital photography and polarization filters work AWESOME together if you ever want to dip into the auto market. I also highly recommend shooting in RAW since some of the highlights are really difficult to get around.