Twoof my more recent ventures out of DCafforded me a great opportunity to break my camera out for a old hobby of mine that I miss very much…fast cars!

I used to be BIG into cars, trucks, bikes, and just about anything with a combustion engine, but about a year ago I had to come to grips with the reality just how expensive it is to own a sports car. After a good 8 years of owning a quick car which consumed 93 octane, obsessively shopping for aftermarket parts, and showing up to courthearings in uniform to duck out ofcountless speeding tickets,I finally threw in the towel and purchased a ho hum Jeep Cherokee, which is great for getting around the city and hauling all my gear.

But man do I itch to put it down!!! It’s terrible to say, but I really miss darting through traffic around here, being able to take my car out into Potomacwhere I couldlean on the throttle while coming in hard through a turn, and drag at a lightat completelyuncessary moments.

Maybe some day…

In the mean time I’ll exercise those urges out with my bicycle, and (yes I do realize how weak that is, but it’s a great kick if you’ve never tried it!)my camera. Does that work? OK, that was my only bit of justification…on to the pictures.

The first set in my new “cars” gallery is from NY, you can check the description for details, but the long short is that I attended a car show just down the street from Amy’s parents place with her stepfather Jim who owns an incredible AC Cobra that I promise to shoot up and down the next time I’m up there.

The second set is from that road trip I referenced before going off on a tangent and is comprised of two shows; the first being from an impromptu stop for Chick-fil-a off I 95 where we stumbled upon a classic car show. The second set in that same folder is from another car show, but this time inNC where again, we set out to head somewhere but were distracted by the dual exhausts and custom paint jobs.

I really like these two folders and how they turned out. The NY shots I playedaround a bit, while the NCpicsI tried to stay true to the images but ended up straying towards the end. Digital photography and polarization filters work AWESOME together if you ever want to dip into the auto market. I also highly recommend shooting in RAW since some of the highlights are really difficult to get around.


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