Did you know that promenade means “to take a leisurely walk, especially one taken in a public place as a social activity?” You probably did and it’s just me who is grammatically incompetent. Moving along…

This was my third shoot with Bozzuto which had me traveling north to the Inner Harbor, Baltimore. When I arrived there I was very surprised to see this residence and the many other high rises that seemingly came out of nowhere! Then again, I don’t travel to Baltimore on a regular basis, but when I do I try to stop off and visit the harbor.

You may notice some difference in my shooting style; after reading Gerry Kopelow’s book, Architectural Photography: The Digital Way, I employed a few new techniques that drastically altered the way I approach interiors. In the book he discusses the use of “photo merging” to compensate for overexposed and underexposed areas such as windows or dark corners. The process is quite involving, but the results are pretty dramatic as you can see from the details above. Accomplishing this in the past was near impossible unless you were amazing with ancillary lighting, but thanks to Photoshop the procedure is accessible to anyone now who takes the time out to learn it.

Another technique I’ve been using involves manipulating the perspective to better achieve rectilinearity. Simply put, I contort a picture until the horizontals are horizontal and the verticals are vertical via Photoshop. This too is a very involving process that can be frustrating at times since there is a lot of trade off when manipulating. One line may come out perfect, but another one may be skewed, so it’s a balancing act.

I hope you enjoy this small gallery and I want to plug my Facebooksite/blog real quick. Check it out, Iput up little blurbs about my gear or links I run across in thenotes section. I think it’s cool! Plus it gives me a way to separate the chaff from the target on this blog since I’m trying to only write about the photography.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a killer weekend!

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