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Things have been quite busy lately; I’ve shot two promotion ceremonies, a Starlight MidAtlantic event, and a family in the last two weeks! Surprisingly, I am not completely overwhelmed by the amount of images on my hard drive since I have been waking up at 0500 everyday to get a leg up on all this work that has been coming in. Not that I’m complaining, and I am very grateful to all my clients out there for their continual support and spreading the good word about my work.

Speaking of, the above image comes from my latest gallery and newest venture…shooting military promotion ceremonies. This work came to me after meeting a very friendly MSgt from the DIMOC who referred my name to Admiral Wright (the man pictured above), who happened to call her office shortly after I left…a very chance encounter!

I am not one to toot my own horn, but I think that this is an almost perfect marriage of my two greater passions in life- the military and photography. For the last month or so I have been trying to track down DoD photographers to ask them about how to get into the field, but I have not made much headway.So this is the next best thing (or best thing depending on how you look at it?). I’ve been to quite a few of these promotion ceremonies, and I knew that Iwould only need two pieces of glass- my “all around” and the trusty beer can. I also brought an extra flash and my stands to do some formals afterwards, which were a big hit with the family since it’s almost the Holiday season and every family is in dire need of that perfect shot to put on a card!

These events move really fast, and just like with weddings you have to be two steps ahead of the crowd or you’re going to miss that shot. I did well with keeping my tele on for a majority of the time and I only went to my CZ for a few crowd shots. I can’t say enough good things about the ‘can'; for a piece of glass that’s over 20 years old it captures like a champ! In keeping with the wedding analogy…I treated this event just the same. I kept out of the way of the players, tried to be a fly on the wall, and got some great group shots as the event wound down. At the end of the day I couldn’t be more pleased with how the pictures turned out despite the multiple lighting sources, vast room, and dark spots on the stage.

Even though I only got to know RDML Wright in this setting, I can say with confidencethat he is a great leader and one to be admired in the military. I could tell from the way the crowd received him and the way that he spoke about his troops that his command is highly regarded. He has done much in his career with the Navy and as a Delta pilot, and seems very humbled by all of his accomplishments. He took a good bit of time out while on stage to pay homage to his father, to whom hecredits much of his success, and wassorry that his dad couldn’t be there because of debilitating arthritis. I chose the picture above for this posting since I think it captures all of these previously described elements so well.

If this gallery leaves you thirsty for more (trying to make a pirate joke), standby until next week when I’ll post the pics from RDML Yurina’s promotion at the Navy Memorial.

Until then, fair winds and a calm sea sailor!

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