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Last fall a good friend of mine, Chris Whong of Charmcity Networks (who also largely designed this site) asked me and a few friends to attend his promotion ceremony at Ft. McHenry in Baltimore. Being a military man myself, how could I turn down the chance?!?

This gallery is short, but sweet and the timing couldn’t be better. It was largely a clear day and the fall sunset made for a dramatic and warm backwash on the surrounding buildings. I just wish I had brought some gels to warm up my flash a bit to match the background, but the contrast also makes for a nice separation. I was lucky to have a diffuser on me since my flash was almost at its lowest power to hit those larger apertures in the setting sun (I think I was F 2.8 all day?).

Saluting the colors.

The moment of truth! Those Army guys are stones, my eyes would have been all over the place.

The ceremony finished up with the retiring of the colors, which was pretty cool considering the history of Ft. McHenry.


Lately I’ve been getting a number of calls about corporate headshots and I just want to send a BIG thank you out the crew at Speakerbox PR.

Their Executive VP Lisa Throckmorton reached out to me after we met at a Twin Tech event a while back and she has been a great advocate of me ever since working together in March. Their staff was REAL easy to work with and I thank them for hanging around late after work while I made my way through their offices.

Here are a few of my favorites from our project and check out where the images went.

Great shot of Drew that made it to their site.

Awesome depth of field with the Sony 50mm 1.4 on Lisa.

And their PresidentElizabeth Shea.

Eastep Family

I’m back!

…And I know in previous posts I said I wouldn’t give up on the blog, but this time I’m committed!

Things have been incredibly busy for me lately; I finished up graduate school last month and I am now a proud owner of a MAS in criminology and criminal justice from American Military University. I started this degree while I was active duty with the USAF and that last stretch almost killed me! Which is why I haven’t been blogging as much as I’m supposed to…

But that’s the past now and…so are the pictures in the post!

Last fall I shot a wonderful family that currently resides in the neighborhood where I grew up. Lisa and Tom are the proud parents of Ellie and Tyler. Their children were absolutely great and a ton of fun to chase after and shoot at Brookside Gardens in Maryland.

I kept things relatively simple, but brought along a big light stand that Tom was gracious enough to haul around for me while I pursued his youngins.

I’m going to keep my posts short and sweet from now on so here are a couple of my favorites from that session.

From my intro slideshow.

Tyler at full speed!

Ellie in the garden.

And the fam!