Greg Barbaccia

Recently, I’ve been on a trip to get at least one personal project a week in with down time I have between paid work. I met Greg here one Friday night on a mutual friend’s rooftop (does that sound strange) just about a week before he was headed “up-range,” or somewhere in the Middle East to my civilian readers. We got to talking and I mentioned that I’m a photographer and he instantly said “I’ve always wanted a cool shot done at the Iwo Jima memorial,” or something to that effect. I absolutely love it when someone has a vision and I’ll happily go out of my way to make it happen….usually.

Real simple lighting setup with the added bonus of an overcast sky and the Park Rangers/Retired Marines not even batting an eye that we were there. This was my favorite shot of the lot since it’s just about the perfect angle to minimize the background, but not have Greg’s head at too much of a negative angle, you can find the rest of the shots here. And as it turns out, Greg is a pretty cool guy with a small collection of Cadillacs held up in Reston that I am looking forward to shooting when he gets back in about six months! Until then, stay safe and take care Greg!

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