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While traveling through Peru, I received an email after coming off the Incan trail from Bridget Manifold who just so happens to be the art director for Washington Life Magazine. I was thrilled to hear from someone in her position and we quickly set up a meet and greet when I returned to the States. Everything went well that day and before I knew it, Bridget and Karin Tanabe (managing editor) had me fragged for a shoot!

With my architectural and portrait background they paired me up with the perfect assignment to coverXavier Equihua’s AMAZING apartment, which sits directly above the Archives/Navy Memorial Metro station. Xavier’s apartment is simply stunning and it was a snap to shoot with all the flat white surfaces to bounce off of. Also, Bridget was on scene with me for the two hours I was there (on a Friday) which made things exponentially easier for me since I could get direct feedback from her and very little was left up to chance.

The shoot went great, and Bridget and Karin were readily available to answer any questions and to proof the images, which dramatically cut down my time in front of the computer. And on Wednesday they sent me the magazine proofs!

The first page of the article where I capturedXavier and his prized “pooch.” I kept things real simple that day knowing that I had a hard departure time, so I just used one large soft boxon my AB1600 for the main and a 48″ reflector for the fill (sorry about the nerd talk).

Here’s page 2. The shot in the top right corner was the first macro image that I captured after we were through with all the big stuff, and I knew instantly that it was going to be a home run. The living room shot was another easy grab with all the incoming light from the windows that surrounded it.

And this is the final page. I really like how Bridget and her team laid out the images here, especially with the vibrant pictures grouped together. My favorite shot here is of the wine bar. Xavier saw how I was framing the picture and decided to pull one of his paintings off of the adjacent wall. Since the painting was further back and not in the beam of the flood lights, I pulled out the baffles in my soft box and turned the power way down to just kiss the back wall with enough light so that it wouldn’t be washed away in the shadows.

If you want to see these images larger or more from the shoot head on over to the gallery posted to my site.

A special thanks to Bridget and Karin who were awesome to work with and I hope they keep the assignments coming!

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  1. the Snob says:

    I loved your photos for this asignment when you first put them up; I’m really glad to see that Washington Life is doing them justice! When I’m preposterously wealthy and lifestyle mags want to put my pad in their pages, I will definitely phone you for the spread.

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