Chandler Smalley

This here is my 16 year old cousin Chandler (high res), who is the oldest out of the nine grandchildren after me and Matt. I forgot what our handshake deal was, but I do remember winning 15 minutes out of her busy adolescent time for a sunset shot since I can’t seem to find any women (aside from Amy) who will pose for me.

This shot was a little more difficult than it looks since the dock we went with had these really bright, gross sodium-vapor lamps that spat out this slime green light. Not to mention the mosquitoes were no holds barred mid summer in the Outer Banks, NC so we had to get in and out with precision.

Fortunately, I had a crack team with me consisting of my other two 15 and 11 year old cousins. The older and taller cousin held myManfrotto Nano light stand with a 43″ silver/white umbrella shot through with a Full CTO gel just high enough to block the nearest dock lamp. With the light fading fast, I equipped my younger cousin with my Sekonic L-758DR light meter and taught him how to read off aperture values to the one holding the umbrella, instructing him to move the light forward and backwards until the numbers matched up.

If I had to do it again, I would have used my 48″ reflector to block that lamp and completely eliminate the sodium-vapor bulb since too much light still came through the umbrella and made those highlights on Chandler’s face. This was one of five, and as you can tell from the background we didn’t have much time to work with but we got the shot! Just a hair of Photoshop (I’m a reformed minimalist now) and I’m very pleased with how this turned out.

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