Hard Times Cafe

Last week I headed into DC to clean out the rest of my apartment and fulfill a long time promise to my Step-Dad to take some formal shots of him and his restaurant in Rockville. The exterior picture above is a five shot HDR. I had to use five shots since the building faces south and I didn’t want to risk losing any highlight detail in the dramatic sky or shadow detail hiding inthe overhang.

My favorite interior shot out of the lot. I really like the symmetry in the floor, bar, stools, booths, pictures, and lights that was never really apparent to me before I came back to the restaurant with my camera.

Here’s a shot of my old man…looks pretty good for 59, huh? I wanted to hit the background with a blast of bright orange light from another strobe to add some more separation, but for some blasted reason the little bugger decided to die on me while I was there only to come back on when I came home!

Finally, a couple of macro grabs on the way out the door. I usually do this for property shoots so I figured it wouldn’t hurt, and maybe they could use them for marketing campaigns later down the line.

You can view the rest of the gallery here.

And just a quick update on me and Amy; we’re moved in and finally through unpacking boxes and assembling furniture…or at least I hope so! Amy started classes yesterday and I’m just now getting into a steady routine with waking up, working out, emails, reading, editing, blogging, etc. I also have a lot of back shop projects that I want to get to in the next couple of weeks that will help us lay a better foundation for this business and project the future, all while I edit a few paid shoots and some volunteer work.

One last note; I just applied to join an organization called Operation: Love Reunited, which pairs up local photographers with military families who are about to send a loved one overseas. I almost jumped out of my seat when I got a phone call from a friend telling me about this organization since it’s an idea I’ve been kicking around in my own head for some time now. My application went out early this week and I’ll hopefully hear back from them sometime soon!

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  1. Lindsay Underwood says:

    Nick, I love these pictures that you took for and of Bob. The restaurant shots look really good and I love have your view your subjucts.

  2. Nick says:

    Thanks Lindsay! And thanks for posting a comment on the blog!

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