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Jamey Sultan’s Bar Mitzvah

Well my 2-month anniversary of being independent of a regular paycheck is fast approaching, and I am happy to report that things are going pretty darn good!

Paid work is somewhat interspersed, but with the downtime that I have been afforded I have accomplished a number of things for my little two-man operation. To begin with, Amy and I have finally nailed down the books and feel like we’re in a good position for this year’s taxes. Also, I have hammered out a number of pricing sheets to pass along to potential clients complete with contract information. The blog is looking better with little tweaks here and there, and hopefully the remainder of the formatting will be wrapped up in the coming weeks.

You may have also noticed that my turn around time on images has dramatically increased! As a result, I was able to cut and edit these images from Jamey Sultan’s Bar Mitzvah in just under a month, which I think is a new record for me?

And some more good news; I finally made the leap from PC to Mac! After a shaky start my workflow is now ultra smooth, and I’m finally happy with the computer I spend so much time on each day.

But…this is all moot when compared to the glowing personality of Jamey Sultan and how fortunate Irecentlywas to shoot his entrance into manhood!

I met Jamey almost a year ago while shooting for Starlight MidAtlantic. Jamey and his two brothers are a ball of personality. Naturally they were drawn to my gregarious tendencies and we all quickly became friends. Karen and David Sultan asked me if I would shoot Jamey’s Bar Mitzvah in the Fall of ’08, and I am so glad that they followed up our past conversation and hired me to shoot their son’s big day.

Admittedly, this was my first Bar Mitzvah. But armed with my wedding and event experience, this turned out to be just another great afternoon…and c’mon, who doesn’t like shooting great kids?!?

Bar Mitzvahs are a lot like weddings in a number of ways, namely everything can quickly become rushed. Fortunately, I was able to grab Jamey for a couple minutes to capture this portrait before the ceremony kicked off.

One of the things that I loved about shooting this Bar Mitzvah was capturing the parallel behavior of Jamey and his father David during the ceremony.

Jamey nailed his reading and his preparation and dedication were quite obvious.

Hands down, this is my favorite image from the day.

Jamey’s reception party was held at Smokey Glen Farm, which is a great spot that holds a lot of memories for me as a kid growing up around Maryland. My father used to live just down the street from Smokey Glen, and we had our high school picnic there as well, so it was pretty cool revisiting it for another special occasion.

Great detail on the water balloon breaking.

This was a really cool day for the kids and the adults. Smokey Glen has a ton of stuff for everyone to do, and Karen and David went all out and brought in a zip line that was an enormous hit with the guests!

It started to drizzle toward the end of the day when I grabbed this shot. Trying something I read by Joe McNally, I dragged the shutter to show the rain. If you take a closer look you can see individual drops around the boys.

The DJ Karen and David hired was awesome. His crew was really engaging and they did a great job of keeping the party moving.

It’s always good to have the story come full circle with this parting shot.

A big thanks goes out to Jamey, Karen, and David Sultan for hiring me to shoot Jamey’s Bar Mitzvah. I had a blast running around with Jamey and the rest of the family and friends that day and I look forward to shooting Noah’s Bar Mitzvah in a couple of years!

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