Pilot For A Day – Jay Carr

Great news…Pilot For A Day is back!

Some of you may remember me posting a similar story in September where I mentioned our next Pilot, Jay Carr.

And here he his! Jay is an awesome kid who has a great family behind him and we were all VERY happy to host him at Andrews for the day. We had a good time with Jay and his family in October and I am looking forward to seeing them again in December for our Pilots reunion party!

In my last post, I skipped over mentioning another huge contributor in the Pilot For A Day program, Lt Col Rob Balzano. Along with Maj Susanne Schulz, these two are the heart of the organization and are solely responsible for organizing the volunteers around Andrews Air Force Base.

Very cool to see a Brigadier General come down to swear Jay in.

Here’s Jay seeing his own F-16for the first time, complete with his name in vinyl lettering below the canopy.

Hanging out with the Navy and trying on a pair of their NOGs (Night Operated Goggles).

Jay and his Navy sponsor, LCDR MikeLlenza, checking out the hard points on a EA-6B Prowler.

The 316th Security Forces Squadron came out and put on a working dog demo.

This pooch couldn’t WAIT for the command to bite down on his trainer!

Riding in the jump seat of the C-21A.

Another neat part of the day is bringing the Pilots up to the Andrews control tower to take the helm! Jay got to issue permissionto return to the hangar tothe same aircraft he taxied.

For the first time, we were able to walk the Pilots through the UH-1 squadron and hopefully, we’ll someday be able to take them up for a quick spin around the base!

If you happen to be a Facebook user, please stop by the Pilot For A Day group page and join up to help us spread the word about this awesome program at Andrews, AFB.

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