Maria Bartiromo

Hope you guys had a great holiday!

Just a quick hit while I’m sorting through some work from the past month.

Pictured above isthe host of Closing Bell,Maria Bartiromo, which is on CNBC and covers the last hour of trading in the US stock markets (via Wiki). I was tagged in October by Booz Allen to shoot her while she spoke during a luncheon for the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her since the event moved along at a brisk pace, but she seemed like a very cool person and took the time to engage everyone who approached her.

I really enjoy shooting these type of events. They are usually straightforward, and I only make minor adjustments on maybe two or three settings the whole time. The biggest challenge is wrangling peopleĀ fromĀ  photo to art groups and staying one step ahead of the action to better predict how I am going to set myself up for the next shot.

The best way to ensure a great product is REAL simple:get there early! I usually arrive about an hour ahead of time to speak with whoever hired me and scout out the venue. I try to get as many details about the event that may not be obvious and pick my client’s brain to get a idea of what their expectations are for the images. After about 15 minutes of chatting, I grab my light meter and start taking readings of where I predict my subjects will end up. At this point I decide if I will set up an off-camera flash or maybe a studio strobe. I’ll also judge from the saturation of the lights whether or not I am going to have to gel my strobes.

For this shot, I talked to the Audio Visual guys running video cameras ahead of time and asked if I could adjust their background lights to create some separation between Maria and the background. At first, I tried an off-camera flash to bring in some fill light, but it competed with the gelled flood lights and caused a nasty shadow to show up on the background. I ended up using the meter reading I took before hand, glanced a few times as my histogram, and boom, that’s it!

When in doubt, I always try to fall back on the KISS principle and it has yet to let me down!

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