Zerba and Hammer Families

Here are some of my favorites from our session with Max, Clarke, and Shaio from the Zerba family, and Gina, Aiden, and Dave from the Hammer family by the White House Holiday Tree.

Dave and I have been friends for just about 6 years now, and we met during my first tour in the Middle East where he was my Aircraft Commander. I learned a TON from Dave as a very green Second Lieutenant, and I’m glad that I could pay back some his patience and mentoring during this afternoon with his family and friends.

Little Clarke did great in front of the camera and settled in right away.

After walking around the tree, we took a quick Cheerios break and Clarke was in HYSTERICS feeding Shaio and Max.

Most of the afternoon was overcast, but the sun decided to pop out right at the end of the day.

Next up is Aiden, and boy was he tough to frame! Every time I thought he was just about to look my way he would grin for .0001 seconds and then turn and run in the opposite direction.

Eventually I got around his fleet feet and moved on to a telephoto lens.

Aiden got his hands on some wreath ornaments and decided to send some my way!

Thanks to the Zerba and Hammer families for inviting me out to a great afternoon in DC!

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