Here it is, the future of military public relations and journalism!

Not feeling comfortable with where your tax dollars are going? Well you shouldn’t worry.

Despite our motley appearance, this has to be one of the sharpest groups I have ever been a part of. There is a wide gamut of experiences amongst us and everyone brings something to the table. The joint course includes all branches of the military, and as you can see there’s a good representation of Air Force, Army and civilians with a sprinkling of the Navy and Marine Corps. It’s interesting to see and hear how we all interact with one another, and much like the Bad News Bears, it somehow all comes together nicely.

I am having a lot of fun out here and learning a ton of information from the class syllabus and cadre ofphenomenalinstructors who sincerely care about the course material. We’re kept pretty busy and like many other formal military training schools, there is little chance of getting comfortable with the constant workload. This is a great opportunity for me to learn a new trade and more importantly…improve my writing skills!

I’m not getting much better huh? Well, there’s still over a month left!

And in case any of you were wondering, no I am not full-time with the military. I am on “orders” until March 5, which is when I will graduate from the DINFOS course andshortly thereafterreturn to my clients.

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3 Responses to “DINFOS”

  1. tucker says:

    yeah- cool group, but who is the toolbox shipmate in the lower left corner? he needs to go….

  2. Nick says:

    Wait, shipmate??? I’m an Airman!

  3. Anderson says:

    I agree, Tucker. Dude’s gotta go. Just not Army strong…

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