Earth Day

On Earth Day April 25th), I was fortunate enough to be hired by an event production company to shoot stills for their upcoming website.

The gallery I posted is in color,and I wanted to take a few choice shots and convert them to black and white for this blog post.

I get asked a lot, “when do you go with black and white,” and I usually reply with “if I’m in the mood.” I don’t think that’s accurate to say anymore and here’s a little insight into why I convert to black and white.

The shot of Black Thought (above) I think is a dramatic improvement over the original, which lacks good contrast because of the overcast skies. I didn’t bother to post the color versions of the Joss Stone and Questlove photos since the stage lights killed the color in Joss’s face and the exposure contrast between the Washington Monument and Questlove was too distracting.

I think John Legend’s color photo looks great, but it’s a busy picture and I needed to suppress more of the distracting elements.

This last shot of Sting looks great too however,the sun was falling fast and the stage lights came in hard and mucked up his skin color.

I would compare the black and white conversion process to when I’m on my feet shooting; I am always trying to figure out a better way to clean up the frame and eliminate distracting elements and sometimes, color simply doesn’t make the cut in post production.

I’m curious to hear some of your thoughts. Why do you convert to black and white?

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