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Service Members – Day 17

Coming at you is you U.S. Army Captain Chad Ashe! Sorry…that was our battle cry in basic, minus the Cpt. Ashe part.

Chad entered the Army in May of 1998 as a Non-commissioned Officer and became parachute rigger while stationed in North Carolina.

As an NCO, Chad worked at the United States Disciplinary Barracks in Fort Leavenworth until 2005, until he commissioned as a Officer and cross-trained to become a part of the branched military police.

Chad currently works as the deputy public affairs officer for the 4th Infantry Division located in Fort Carson, Colo.

Unfortunately, Chad wasn’t in my section, but supposedly he’s a pretty funny dude. Check out his big debut on The Weather Channel (Enter the codekcgvrnapdguriu)!

Service Members – Day 16

Here’s one of my last members of the military civilian corps, Ms. Chondra Perry.

Chondra was raised by a single mother and is an “Army brat” who has lived in six different states, and even spent a year in Europe.

Chondra attended Texas StateUniversity in San Marcos, Texas where she received a bachelor’s of exercise sports science and a master of arts in mass communication.

After graduation, Chondra started her public affairs career in Feb. 2009 at Fort Hood, Texas as a Department of the Army public affairs intern.

She recently accepted a position as a marketing and public affairs specialist with the Brooke Army Medical Center public affairs office.

Chondra’s first article, “Social Media and the Army,” was recently published in Military Review Magazine in the March/April issue and she looks forward to watching the Army flourish in the social environment..

“I love the Army, and I am truly thankful for those Soldiers and Families who sacrifice everyday!” said Chondra.

Ishan Gala Headshots

Here is some more work for the Ishan Gala Foundation that I shot just before hitting the road a few weeks ago.

This go around, Mayank and Sejal needed head shots for their recently overhauled website.

I kept things real simple and used two lights (one high and one low) to hit the background and shot into at 45″ Photoflex white satin umbrella as my main light. Under most circumstances, I really like this white satin reversible umbrella with a bit of silver in the weave which creates a nice contrast. However, I think the specularity can be a bit too much on some skin tones and I’m curious to try out an optical white umbrella see if it makes a big difference.