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Greetings From Afghanistan, Send More Ammo

I’m headed out of the country for a week to attend a wedding in the UK, but before I hit the road I had to plug my good buddies book.

Greetings From Afghanistan, Send More Ammo drops June 1st, but you can pre-order your copy now from Amazon. I haven’t read the book yet, but I absolutely know it’s going to be a home run.

Ben, pictured above, is a really damn funny dude and I always enjoyed listening to his war stories while at DINFOS, which paled in comparison to my Air Force complaints about my steak being not cooked to the right temperature while at war.

This quote that I plucked from the Amazon page says it all to me:

“Tupper is a true grunt. He has that crazy, infectious sense of humor based on the absurd, grasps the poignancy without sentimentalism, and tells the reader straight up how it is to be a grunt adviser in the zany land of Afghanistan.”

-Bing West, author ofThe Village

I am really stoked to read Ben’s book when I get back to the States and believe it or not, this overachiever has another book coming down the pike.

Charlottesville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I know, I know, you must be thinking “weddings one week, martial arts the next?!?”

Unfortunately, I am still in the process of saving up enough money to split the site into two entities, so until then everything is going to get lumped together.

On Tuesday, I got together with some of the folks at Charlottesville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a portrait session.

Gordon the owner, pictured here, was gracious enough to let me set up during one of their evening practices and occupy a corner of mat space while the class rolled around me.

This was a pretty challenging shoot considering that I only had a 7 X 7 area to work with, the ceilings were about nine feet high and the gym had these bright fluorescent bulbs to contend with.

A lot of the other shots I took were just alright, but this one really stands out to me.

It felt good to be back at a BJJ gym and hopefully I can join up with Gordon’s gym in the near future.


Paul and Lynn

Last weekend was the official kick-off of my 2010 wedding season, and also my first wedding here in Charlottesville.

It was great spending the day with Paul and Lynn, who had a very causal afternoon wedding on grounds at the University of Virginia’s Colonnade Club.

This is my favorite shot from the day, Lynn and her mom embracing in one last hug before she walks down the isle.

Thank you to Paul and Lynn for having me, and I wish you two all the best in your new lives together!