C-Ville Weekly, Best Of

Just before hitting the road at the beginning of August, I was tapped by C-Ville Weekly to shoot a few commissioned jobs for their annual Best Of C-Ville issue.

By far, my favorite gig was working with Russ Melton, who won best home repair/handyman.

Before I contacting him, I found a video of him juggling posted to his site and knew that this shoot was going to be fun. Russ was a cool dude to talk to and really wanted to nail the shot. After about a dozen takes and a few bruised hands, we called it a day and of course Russ helped me pack up my gear.

C-Ville Weekly decided to run another photo, and I’m sure it was a close call. I do like the photo they chose because of two big elements. One, the expression of concentration on Russ’s face is great and two, all the tools are lined up in the air.

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  1. Rob says:

    Both this shot and the one they went with are fantastic- great work. Great concept for the shoot, too. Bravo.

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