Josh and Nichole

I’m very proud to bring you guys some of my favorite photos from Josh and Nicole’s June wedding in Louisiana.

From one of their earlier posts, you probably already know that Josh and I go back to navigation school. What you didn’t know is that Nichole is a guardsman (or woman?), which makes this my first mil + mil wedding. Cool, right?!?

I absolutely love catching these little moments of serendipity. One easy way to make it happen; when everyone else is looking one way, be sure that you’re going in the opposite direction.

“Do you like to party”?

A big thanks goes out to Josh and Nichole for flying me down to shoot their wedding. I wish the two of them and Nicholas all the best and I look forward to keeping in touch!


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  1. Pat Temples says:

    Nick, these are wonderful. I found them on Facebook and decided to take a look. I’m glad I did. This looks like a fun couple and you captured some wonderful expressions. I especially like the one of them kissing under the crossed swords. Very beautiful. Pat

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