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Justin and Sam

My second mil + mil wedding this year. Added bonus, Sam and Justin are aircrew too!

Sam and I used to fly together on JSTARS and I was honored when she asked me if I would come down to shoot her July wedding in Savannah, Ga.

Justin and Sam met while at tech school, training to become C-130loadmasters. Justin had the inside track on some test questions and the ever ambitious Sam left a note for him one day on his truck asking if he wouldn’t mind helping her out, and the rest is history!

Savannah made for a great backdrop for their Summer wedding and here are some of my favorite grabs.

Sam’s wedding ring is an heirloom from her grandmother.

Justin and Sam held their wedding at the Mighty Eight Air Force Museum which ironically enough, is the numbered command our old wing was under. PS I’m probably the only person on the planet that thinks that’s cool.

There was a tight race between this photo and the one a split second before it making it to the blog.

Thank you Justin and Sam for having me. You guys are a ton of fun and I wish you two all the best!


United Kingdom

Way back in May, I spent just over a week traveling through the UK with Amy and number of her good friends from New York. Admittedly, it was my first time in Europe and I thoroughly enjoyed my brief stint abroad and am looking forward to an eventual return trip.

Every time I shoot for kicks I try to make up an “assignment.” For the first part of the trip, I wanted to shoot at 1/5 of a second as much as possible. Fortunately, there are a ton a great open spaces around London and a vibrant population who’s not shy around big brother (aka just another camera).

For those of you who are curious, I traveled extremely light and packed only a 50mm 1.4 for the whole trip.

For my second self assignment. I wanted to capture a sense of isolation and space. I ended up having to work a little harder than I initially planned since London can be a very crowded city at certain points in the day.

Neil and Elise

Hey, what do you know, every once in a while I simply get to go to a wedding!

Thanks to Neil and Elise, who are friends of Amy, and invited the two of us all the way out to Surrey, England to attend their wedding in June.

Surprisingly, I managed to sit back on the sidelines the entire time and thoroughly enjoyed partying with a rowdy bunch of Yanks and Brits.