Brett and Meagan

Welcome 2011.  New site, new blog and a new Nick Strocchia Photography.

I’ve spent the last two months overhauling my website and just about anything that rings Nick Strocchia Photography, please have a look around!

I’m happy to bring you Brett and Meagan’s wedding for my inaugural post.  Brett and Meagan were married in October at King Family Vineyard.

Meagan’s grandmother’s garter belt.  Very cool.

I can’t forget Dawn, Meagan’s sister and my first Charlottesville friend.  I’m so glad that she recommended me to Brett and Meagan.

From start to finish, this group was a kick to work with.  Not a single person left the dance floor all night, to include Meagan’s 90-year-old grandma.

One last bit of advice from the father of the bride.

I gotta send a BIG THANKS to Brett and Meagan.  You guys are awesome and I wish you the best!


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  1. Raquel_C says:

    Hello Nick!

    I found your blog when I googled “military photography”. I just had to leave a comment and tell you that your photography is beautiful! I LOVED the image with all the groomsmen standing in the field and the sky is so moody, its just an awesome photo! Also, the photo where you captured the grooms face was just…I actually have no words for it! Its pure elation in his face! It actually made my heart swell!

    The two photos after the grooms photo took my breath away! In the photo with the couple in the field, that sky…its just amazing and such a great photo! The one above that photo with the sun flare, the bride looks so elegant!

    My husband is in the Army and I often get volunteered to do the soldier group photos and the photography for some of the special functions and ceremonies.

    I was asked by one of my hubby’s soldiers if I would photograph him as a gift for his mother. So I googled military photography hoping to find some inspiration, ideas and poses on how to go about shooting a single soldier in his Class A’s. I’m pretty excited about this session coming up! Wish me luck and thanks so much for sharing your work!

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