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This fall, I was commissioned by the University of Virginia to capture an editorial portrait of Jerry Stenger who is the director of the Virginia State Climatology Office.

Here’s an excerpt on Jerry and what he does for the university and the state:

“Everyone thinks I’m a TV weatherman,” says Jerry Stenger, whose job as director of the Virginia State Climatology Office is less about trying to predict the future and more about looking into the past to solve mysteries about Virginia’s climate. He’s worked with the U.Va. Medical Center to correlate respiratory problems with changes in weather. He’s testified in court about precise weather conditions on the day of an accident. And he’s the one U.Va. event planners call each spring to find out their chances of a sunny day for Final Exercises or Reunions weekend.

Jerry was a great subject, very personable and a lot of fun to work with. Our photo was published in UVA magazine and you can read more about Jerry here.

Eric and Megan Multimedia

I am very excited to present my first encompassing multimedia product featuring video, stills and dedicated audio from Eric and Megan’s wedding in Kinsale, Ireland.

This first piece is made up of video and stills from our lifestyle session, and audio and stills from the wedding. The day after the wedding, I sat Eric and Megan down for a brief interview to recap their journey and wedding day. Music by Loch Lomond – Night Bats and Ghost Of An Earthworm. Licensed through Friendly Music (awesome resource!).

When working with destination or travel clients, I always try to go out of my way to present them with a little something extra to show my gratitude. Previously, this has been a no-cost download, extra shoot or a price break on a product. Now, I look forward to assembling more of these multimedia pieces that can tell a deeper side of the story.

This second piece is made up of video and audio from Eric and Megan’s rehearsal dinner at The Spaniard. Music by Loch Lomond – Northern, Knees, Trees, And Lights. Licensed through Friendly Music.

Thanks again to Eric and Megan, you guys are the best!


C’Ville Weekly ran a story titled Push Things Forward, which gave us a look at the future of Charlottesville through the eyes of eight young men and women who are making waves in their fields.

I was tapped to capture a number of environmental portraits and one of my favorite sessions was with Paul Beyer.

Paul is the vice president of R.L. Beyer Construction and recently ran for city council on an a platform of sustainability, job growth and arts promotion. He is a really interesting guy with some great ideas. Here is my favorite quote from his article:

“For most of the city, getting a quart of milk, or a slice of pizza, or a beer means getting in your car and driving. We aren’t a walkable city. As much as we promote it, mass transit doesn’t make much sense here, because we’re not very dense. And we won’t be a truly sustainable city until our main corridors are. Preston Avenue, West Main and most of the city’s core should be far more vital places. Our neighborhoods should be anchored with commercial components: a deli, a diner, a bar, somewhere close enough to walk, where a true sense of community could start to coalesce. What also is crucial to any city getting denser is that more areas are carved out for public use. They don’t have to be big or expensive, just walkable and community oriented.”