Spencer and Emily Rehearsal

For my travel or destination wedding photography clients, I am always happy to go the extra mile.

Since September, I have been including a multimedia or video piece at no-cost for travel or destination couples. I really enjoy putting these vignettes together that tell another side of a story, which still photos alone can not reach. Assembling them is akin to carefully putting a puzzle together and in the end, it all comes down to simple storytelling.

You may have already seen Eric and Megan’s┬ámultimedia piece and I am pleased to bring you a short from Spencer and Emily’s rehearsal dinner.

Spencer and Emily were married in November in Austin, Texas and I had an awesome weekend of meeting their family and friends, and documenting their wedding. These two are such a fun, optimistic and upbeat people and I aimed to have this piece capture their spirit.

Can’t forget the Torchy’s tacos!

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