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“California, California, California,” anyone remember The Wizard??? Probably just me and my brother.

Well I annoyed Amy just about all weekend with that, but in between pestering my incredibly patient girlfriend I had a great time visiting the West Coast for the first time in my life! Yes, until this trip the furthest West I had been was out to Las Vegas for countless Red Flag exercises with the Air Force.

We traveled out to UC Santa Barbara to help Amy weigh her decision on which masters program to attend (she also made it into Yale, UVA, and Duke, what a big brain!) and worked our way down to LA to visit her cousin Joe Lynch, who as is it turns out directs movies and music videos! Very cool dude and a lot of fun to talk to since we’re both heavily into nerd stuff.

For as much bad press as LA gets, I really liked it! It’s definitely an acquired taste, but there’s a big arts scene that I was really digging and I would opt for another visit in a heartbeat.

Here are some of my favorites from our weekend getaway.

PS Amy decided last week to attend UVA to pursue a PhD!

Didn’t have to wait long for this guy to roll buy.

Amy and I on the UCSB beach, yes the campus is on a beach and I have no clue how they keep their attendance up. A little dodging on the trees and dune.

My favorite shot of the lot. I used to love going on The Scrambler with my Grandma when I was a kid and this poor soul is obviously terrified of the ride. Took this on the Santa Monica pier. No special effects here, just zoomed and dragged the shutter with a somewhat high F-stop to get a sharp picture.

BIG pano of the pier and beach.

Wedding Season

I’ve been getting asked an unusual amount of times lately if I shoot weddings…the answer is yes, yes, and YES!

Over the last month or so I have been working in overdrive to get my site and business ready for the wedding season and I can comfortably say…let’s party!

Last week I built a portfolio of my favorite shots for prospective brides to click through and I have some great promotional material thanks to John Friese of that I would be more than happy to mail out to anyone interested (just drop me a line).

A BIG special thanks to my wonderful woman Amy who poured a lot of her own time into building an AMAZING album for Kelsie and Sarah Carpenter (pictured above). The proofs can viewed here, and you just have to see these things in person to see the quality of my printer.

That being said, I am only one man and you are my best billboard, business card, email, carrier pigeon that I need to spread the word about my work and I thank everyone who has passed my name along.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots from last year.

Sarah spent countless hours decorating the hall of a former summer camp she used to work at. The resulting pictures from the event were really dramatic with strip lights accenting the background.

Great expression on my good Friend Yael Cannon (formerly Zakai).

One of my favorite black and white pictures from the Keys wedding. The tungsten bulbs and low ceilings made the black and white pictures from this set really glow.

This background is one in a million from Dan and Laura Drury’s wedding.

One of my favorite party shots…and not just because it’s filled with a bunch of my friends.


Last fall a good friend of mine, Chris Whong of Charmcity Networks (who also largely designed this site) asked me and a few friends to attend his promotion ceremony at Ft. McHenry in Baltimore. Being a military man myself, how could I turn down the chance?!?

This gallery is short, but sweet and the timing couldn’t be better. It was largely a clear day and the fall sunset made for a dramatic and warm backwash on the surrounding buildings. I just wish I had brought some gels to warm up my flash a bit to match the background, but the contrast also makes for a nice separation. I was lucky to have a diffuser on me since my flash was almost at its lowest power to hit those larger apertures in the setting sun (I think I was F 2.8 all day?).

Saluting the colors.

The moment of truth! Those Army guys are stones, my eyes would have been all over the place.

The ceremony finished up with the retiring of the colors, which was pretty cool considering the history of Ft. McHenry.