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A little while back I took a few newborn photos for good friends of mine here in Charlottesville. This normally isn’t one of my big service offerings, but I’m happy to answer the call for friends.

Cael was amazingly silent and content throughout the whole shoot.

I got a lot of great compliments on these photos from the family and I’m excited to shoot this little tyke when he gets older.

Service Members – Day 20

Who is this mystery man?!?

It’s a good friend of mine that we’ll just refer to as Maj. Keys, of the U.S. Air Force.

I’ve known Maj. Keys for a good while and he’s been one of my best mil buddies over the last six years.

Maj. Keys requested that I not mention what he does, but what I can say is that he’s been in the militaryfor 11 years. He grew up a military brat and has moved an astonishing 13 times throughout his life!

Service Members – Day 19

Unfortunately, I have another soldier who’s biography is MIA!

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Mark Schowalter gave me his business card almost two months ago, and of course I can not find it, so I’m just going to wing it like I did with Kelly-Ann.

Mark was my neighbor in the dorms at DINFOS. We ran into each other here and there, and I’m glad we managed to hang out for about 10 minutes while I grabbed this portrait.

This photo is the complete opposite of Mark, which is why I like it so much. During our session Mark was cutting up incessantly, and this was one of two serious looks I asked him to do.

Mark was minutes away from heading off to complete his final assignment, so I only had a moment to slap together this lighting setup. If I had to do it all over again I would have put in a rim light to better separate Mark from the black backdrop.

I had a lot of fun meeting and shooting Mark, and I hope that he gets a chance to see this blog post someday.