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Ragged Mountain Running

In February, I photographed a cover story for C’Ville Weekly profiling Ragged Mountain Running, which has been in business for over 30 years in Charlottesville.

Over the course of an afternoon, I shot a number of photographs of Mark Lorenzoni, his family who also run the store and the employees. After getting to know Mark, I interviewed  him and to put everything I shot together into a multi-media slideshow.

I asked Mark to talk to stuff he thought was not included in the C’Ville Weekly feature, which was awesome. Great work by Susan Sorenson.

Here are a couple of my favorite excepts from the article:

“I’d like to think we had a vision,” Mark said one afternoon, leaning against a wall in the chaotic, jam-packed office he shares with Cynthia, Audrey, Alec, and the shop’s three assistant managers. “Honestly, though, we never thought beyond surviving the first year. On the surface, it seems sort of reckless and stupid, but we were happy working at something that came naturally to us: people and running. Cynthia and I wanted to fill a niche with a passion we shared.”

Ragged Mountain employees always walk around the counter and hand customers their bags. (“It’s a people thing,” Mark explained.) And they must never—ever, ever—leave for the day without saying goodbye to Mark, which, said Cynthia, “is a family thing.”

“Listen,” Mark said when asked how he and Cynthia find enough hours in the day, “we sell shoes. We work hard at it, but we’ve been blessed to make a good living doing what we enjoy doing. And how lucky am I that I get to come to work every day with my best friend and my children? Cynthia and I started talking more than 30 years ago on that Michigan State bus, and we haven’t stopped since.”

C Magazine – Winter

This past November, I worked with C’Ville Weekly to put together a feature article their winter issue of C Magazine.

For the article, C’Ville profiled local Charlottesville retailers and featured quotes of their favorite holiday gifts.

Admittedly, this was my first studio fashion photography shoot but, the planning and preparation of the C’Ville creative staff helped everything come together seamlessly. Special thanks to Caite White for styling, Daphne Latham for hair and makeup, and Ron Dressel for assisting me on the technical side of the house.

Pictured above is Julia, who graced the cover of the fall Bites + Sights cover. Julia is great to work with, always easy and brings a ton of good energy to our shoots.

Above is Lauren, who also came fresh into fashion photography the very same day. Lauren was effortless in front of the camera and by the end of our session, she was moving like a true pro.


This fall, I was commissioned by the University of Virginia to capture an editorial portrait of Jerry Stenger who is the director of the Virginia State Climatology Office.

Here’s an excerpt on Jerry and what he does for the university and the state:

“Everyone thinks I’m a TV weatherman,” says Jerry Stenger, whose job as director of the Virginia State Climatology Office is less about trying to predict the future and more about looking into the past to solve mysteries about Virginia’s climate. He’s worked with the U.Va. Medical Center to correlate respiratory problems with changes in weather. He’s testified in court about precise weather conditions on the day of an accident. And he’s the one U.Va. event planners call each spring to find out their chances of a sunny day for Final Exercises or Reunions weekend.

Jerry was a great subject, very personable and a lot of fun to work with. Our photo was published in UVA magazine and you can read more about Jerry here.