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With Amy away in the Bahamas on a scientific adventure, I’ve had some free time on my hands lately and have been itching to get out of the house.

Luckily, a good buddy of mine in town, Joel Codiamat, gave me a ring and asked if I would collaborate with him on a last second shoot.

Joel is a incredibly talented natural light shooter who wanted dramatic lighting for this session with local model Ashley. We talked earlier in the afternoon and decided that he would come up with the concepts and clothing, and I would light the scenes.

After three locations and about an hour and a half of shooting, Joel had what he needed. I jumped in with my camera and a one-light setup and grabbed a couple of frames of Ashley while rain was pouring down. Luckily, Joel had found an absolutely amazing Charlottesville gem of a location at Woolen Mills, which is a small neighborhood on the East side of town that’s home to an old textile mill now being used for moving truck rental. We had a covered loading dock that we used for the last few frames, packed up and made haste before the rain flooded our improvised set.