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Build It

The long awaited gallery is finally up! Or I should say, my long awaited gallery is finally…never mind.

It’s actually been up for about a week now, but things have been entirely too busy lately for me to take time out to blog, so I apologize to the few of you who take the time out to read my ramblings. If you head on over to the gallery linked above you’ll see a good bit of detailed information about the shoot and a brief breakdown on some of the shots.

Architectural photography is VERY challenging, getting the verticals vertical and the horizontals horizontal is very demanding. That’s just the beginning of it, the next big hurdle is getting the colors right. The combination of exterior natural lighting, combined with tungsten/halogen/fluorescent bulbs, on top of strobes makes it even more difficult to execute what you picture in your head. The final bump is the arrangements, I used to take for granted how interior shots were laid out…not anymore! What you think looks good to you looks very much constrained to an 18mm lens set to a high aperture. Plus, nailing that right aspect ratio is very difficult and time consuming.

Don’t mind my gripes, this was a great shoot and it was even better having Amy around to lend me a woman’s perspective and more importantly…to help carry all the gear! Awesome experience, and at the end of two days of shooting I had some phenominal pictures on my hands that I couldn’t wait to show to the client, which is a really great feeling. If anyone from Bozzuto is out there reading this, I would like to use this opportunity to pass a BIG THANK YOU for your business, and I’m looking forward to working with you guys more in the future.