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Service Members – Day 9

Alright, one more post away from double digits…does that count for anything? Probably not but I am happy to bring you U.S. Navy Lieutenant Aaron Kakiel.

Aaron grew up in Fayetteville, Pa. and after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, he was commissioned as an Ensign and began his sea voyaging journeys in submarines.

Aaron served on board the USS Hartford based in Groton, Conn. from 2004-2007. He made a special note to include that he was on the Hartford “after the grounding, but before the collision.”

During his time on the Hartford, Aaron was privileged to lead the electrical, auxiliary, and communications divisions, during a successful Southern Command deployment and an extensive shipyard period.

Following his time on the Hartford, Aaron served as the South Asia and Oceania Policy and Plans Officer with the U.S. Seventh Fleet. In that role he “tooted his own horn quite a bit,” which led him to decide on a career in public affairs.

After miraculously being selected for lateral transfer, sparing him from going back to submarines, Aaron is on his way with his career as a Public Affairs Officer upon graduating from DINFOS.

I only get a chance to talk to Aaron here and there, but I gathered quickly early on that he’s a good dude. Aaron’s always going out of his way to organize social events for the entire class and I appreciate his willingness to bring people together.

Up next, the Air Force, and this time you score a two for one deal!

Service Members – Day 7

After a brief hiatus from the Service Member blog this past Valentine’s Day weekend, I’m happy to be back and bring you all U.S. Army Captain Cesar Santiago.

Cesar was born in Puerto Rico and joined the Army 1992 where he served as a non-commissioned officer for 12 years. After graduating from Troy University, Cesar commissioned as an infantry officer in 2005.

While serving with the Army, Cesar has been stationed at Fort Campbell, Ky., Fort Benning, Ga. and Fort Stewart, Ga., and despite all that time in the south he is still Army strong!

Cesar has deployed twice to Iraq, and even managed to earn a Bronze Star for his performance while acting as the company commander responsible for the capture of one High Value Target and multiple insurgents.

When Cesar graduates DINFOs, he will travel to Fort Bragg, N.C. to become an Escort Section Team Leader for the 10th Press Camp Headquarters.

Next up, more Army and more hooah!

Service Members – Day 3

Stone cold! That’s how I would sum up U.S. Marine Corps Second Lieutenant Timothy Irish.

Another former enlisted troop, Tim got his start in the Marines as a reservist with the Rochester Alpha Company Anti-Terrorism Battalion while he was Attending SUNY Brockport.

After graduating college, Tim was commissioned through Officer Candidate School and will be following on from DINFOS to Camp Lejeune, N.C. for his first active duty assignment.

Tim is by all accounts, a Marine through and through. He’s also the only Marine in our section!

Coming from aircrew, the Marines are the absolute polar opposite of what I know and Tim has been a great steward for his branch. He always takes the time to answer my Marine Corps questions, no matter how stupid they may be.

Reserved in class, Timwill every once in a while throw something out there in a discussion that puts me on the floor laughing. He also does a pretty mean turkey impression.

And I was just kidding about the stone cold part.

Next up, my branch, two times!