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Mark and Nicole

I’m very pumped to roll out my favorite shots from Mark and Nicole’s June wedding, hosted at the PGA Hyatt Regency hotel in Cambridge, Md.

Mark, is an old friend of mine from the University of Maryland and I quickly became buds with Nicole after meeting her when I moved back to D.C. three years ago. These two make for a great couple and I was absolutely honored when they asked if I would shoot their wedding.

Mark and Nicole were a photographer’s dream to work with. The instant I got on scene, Nicole already had a list of ideas and locations we could go to before the ceremony. Not to mention, they’re both incredibly nice people.

I’m glad that this group was ready and willing to ham it up for some of their photos…

Hands down, one of my favorite grabs. A special thanks goes out to my assistant Erin, who did an awesome job of covering all the angles where I wasn’t. Because of her, I was able to hang out behind the bride and groom and snag this awesome shot.

Journey, The Killers, John Denver and many more great bands made an appearance and had this group on their feet all night.

With an extra set of hands, I was able to set up a photo booth for the first time. Oddly enough, almost all my fall and 2011 bookings want one too!

A big thanks goes out to Mark and Nicole. Thank you again guys for allowing me to shoot your wedding and I’m looking forward to seeing you two around!