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Portraits of Power

Over this last December UTA weekend I was personally requested (thank you MSgt Eckert!) to come out and shoot a few portraits of our wing’s career advisers.

After seeing a bunch of back and forth emails from the Cult onPlaton’s Portraits of Power series I was feeling inspired, and took a similar approach with these portraits.

Unlike Platon, I do not have access to an amazingHasselblad, but I do have buckets of ingenuity and a Sony! I took his basic concept and spun it a couple of different ways. First off, I’m not in my subjects face purposefully trying to induce distortion. I am close, but my subject’s features remain somewhat proportional and do not appear too exaggerated. I love what he did, but I don’t think the shots are the most flattering. Second, I used a back light to create the halo effect instead of turning to Photoshop. This is mymodus operandi99% of the time, and if I can make it happen in camera, I will. Finally, I used two rim lights to throw in some contrasting highlights on my subject’s temples which I think is more in tune with sports photography and works well for military folks…probably would be out of place when shooting world leaders.