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Eric and Megan Multimedia

I am very excited to present my first encompassing multimedia product featuring video, stills and dedicated audio from Eric and Megan’s wedding in Kinsale, Ireland.

This first piece is made up of video and stills from our lifestyle session, and audio and stills from the wedding. The day after the wedding, I sat Eric and Megan down for a brief interview to recap their journey and wedding day. Music by Loch Lomond – Night Bats and Ghost Of An Earthworm. Licensed through Friendly Music (awesome resource!).

When working with destination or travel clients, I always try to go out of my way to present them with a little something extra to show my gratitude. Previously, this has been a no-cost download, extra shoot or a price break on a product. Now, I look forward to assembling more of these multimedia pieces that can tell a deeper side of the story.

This second piece is made up of video and audio from Eric and Megan’s rehearsal dinner at The Spaniard. Music by Loch Lomond – Northern, Knees, Trees, And Lights. Licensed through Friendly Music.

Thanks again to Eric and Megan, you guys are the best!

Eric and Megan Lifestyle

The day before Eric and Megan’s destination wedding, they got dressed to the nines and we toured the countryside to the south of Kinsale, Ireland for a lifestyle photography session.

Our first stop was at the cliffs of Old Head Golf Links which offered scenic views, sandstone cliffs and a beautiful afternoon mist signature to Ireland.

Just north of Old Head was a small ruin with a memorial to the Lusitania. Surrounding the ruins are fields of tall grass, lush green from the nearby ocean cliffs.

After leaving Old Head, we drove west and stopped in the village of Timoleague. Its brightly colored homes and businesses were a great backdrop for photos and a quick lunch.

Surrounding the town of Timoleague are the remains of an abbey dating back to the 13th century.

Our final stop was along the coast of the Irish Sea.

Thanks to Eric and Megan for taking the time away from their destination wedding to travel the countryside.

Stay tuned for one more post about these two, coming soon!


Eric and Megan

I’ve been itching to get this post out for the past couple of weeks!

In September, Eric and Megan were married in Kinsale, Ireland. Kinsale is a gorgeous, quaint town south of the larger City of Cork and it made for a beautiful backdrop and charming locale for their destination wedding.

Eric and Megan were a dream to work with. They were up for any idea I had and even braved some soggy weather, all in the name of great photography. Every step of our shoot was carefully planned out and Eric and Megan had a keen eye for details and backdrops. I was truly honored that they hired me to be their destination wedding photographer for their once in a lifetime event with family and friends who traveled from the States.

Eric and Megan held their reception at the lovely Blue Haven Hotel located in the city center. The ceremony was at Jola’s, which is a must if you’re ever passing through. The restaurant’s cathedral decor was uniquely Irish, the food was delicious and the many flavored vodkas were not to be missed.

A BIG THANKS goes out to Eric and Megan for including me in their destination wedding plans. I had an incredible time in Ireland and sincerely enjoyed capturing your amazing wedding weekend!

Stay tuned for more photos from our lifestyle session before the wedding.