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Adam Thomas

After a long summer on the road, I came home in August to find out that a good friend of mine, Adam Thomas, had passed away.

Adam is the husband of a long-time friend, Katie Strumpf, and together they spent most of 2009 fighting Adam’s second round with medulloblastoma. The cancer went into remission in the fall and Adam went in for a routine MRI early in August to find that the cancer was back and had attached itself to his spine. With the finish line in sight, Adam told the hospital staff that he was checking himself out to come home to Katie.

As much as I want to say that this is a terrible loss, I know that Adam would not have wanted us to mourn. Adam absolutely loved life and the people that surrounded him. For his memorial service, he insisted that we all wear bright colored shirts and tell funny/embarrassing stories.

I tried to tell an old military proverb at Adam’s memorial service that goes something like this, “No matter what you’ve done, you never know what kind of man you are until the end.” Throughout the entire time I’ve known Adam not once did I hear him tell a negative story, and you couldn’t believe the attitude that these two have maintained through this trying time. Adam always had a “smile on his face as wide as he is tall,” and he serves as a great inspiration for me to maintain a positive outlook, no matter how bad things may seem.

I feel very fortunate that I could spend some time with Adam and Katie at Mark and Nicole’s wedding in June. I’m glad that my assistant Erin was on hand at the photo booth to capture this great shot.

If you would like to honor Adam, he generously requested that donations be made toPublic Knowledge, where Adam was proud to spend the last two years as a Staff Attorney, andEFF, where he worked in San Francisco.

Rest in peace buddy.