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Twin Tech II

My second go with the Twin Tech crew had quite an impressive turn out. The location was at Avenue, just off New York Ave east of the Mt. Vernon Metro station. Three floors and tons of space were quickly occupied by the very large crowd and I suddenly found myself cornered and with little space to shoot!

Luckily I arrived there a half hour early and I was able to grab a bunch of product shots and candids of the first to show, which make up the bulk of the initial pictures. I used my 50mm 1.7 for a while and captured all the widgets that the companies were passing out as promotional items. Cast Iron Systems littered the event with these rockets that were everywhere, and I got this great shot when the gentleman to the right was abruptly struck in the face by one of them!

For a long while I used my beercan and moved along the edges of the crowd and snapped at a fairly high ISO (between 400 and 800). The ceilings were high, so when I finally decided to use my flash I had to hug the walls as much as possible to get it to properly bounce. I did get some great results on the first two floors where the walls were fairly smooth, but the third floor had a matte black finish all around that did nothing but absorb a good bit of what my HVL-F56AM could put out. To compensate, I slowed my shutter speed down to around 1/10 to 1/20 and edged up my aperture. I am really conscious of what f-stop I use since I never know when I’m going to get tapped to do a group shot and there have been times where I’ve struggled to find the right balance in the heat of the moment. I can better predict this if I leave my aperture alone and work more with my shutter speed, ISO, and flash…sounds easy right?

Towards the last hour of the party I pulled out my CZ 16-80mm and went in for the group shots after everyone had a solid two hours of drinking underneath their belts. Once again, this crowd was incredibly easy to work with and everyone was so friendly. Since I had around 300 captures by that point, I wasn’t really pressed for too many group shots and I spent a good deal of time conversing with the guests.

At the end of the night I ended up with another great batch of event pics, got to meet some very interesting people in the process, and was out the door by 9!!!