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Omid and Parisa Jahanbin Wedding

Some of you may remember Omid and Parisa from their engagement session in August…two months later, and these two are now officially married!

Their wedding was an absolute BLAST to shoot and they were just as awesome to work with the second time around.

This was my first time attending a Persian wedding, and now I am hooked! It was an incredibly festive event and I took a ton of pictures, which made it very hard for me to pair down these blog shots. Their family and friends were a lot of fun and kept the enthusiasm and the partying going all night!

The Aloft National Harbor hotel made for great modern backdrop for our portrait session before the ceremony.

Just like their engagement session…these two could not stop laughing and having fun!

The Sofreh Aghad spread unique to Persian weddings.

Holy smokes did Omid and Parisa’s guest party! From the second the couple’s first dance was over the floor was PACKED…all night long!!!

I think I saw maybe 20 guests sitting down at a time, and that number is a stretch!

I don’t think the enthusiasm in the room ever came down from an 11!

A big thanks goes out to Omid and Parisa for inviting me along!

Parisa and Omid

Just before moving out of DC I was able to hook up with Parisa and Omid for an engagement shoot in Georgetown down at the Waterfront. This venue had a very special meaning for the lovely couple since it’s where they had their first date. Parisa and Omid were an absolute dream to work with, and these two could not stop laughing and smiling together which made my job that much easier. They were a ton of fun to be around, and it couldn’t be any more transparent that these two are madly in love with each other.

I kept my gear setup real simple that day since I knew we would be moving around a bunch. These two shots I grabbed with my 70-200mm F2.8 which did an awesome job of compressing the Key bridge into the frame.

The day was filled with tons of overcast clouds which made for a beautiful, soft, diffuse backdrop.

Some shots of the couple playing around.

I did manage to slow them down for a brief moment to take this shot right next to the Swedish Embassy.

This was one of the few moments I was able to separate these two!

Of course I had to break out the off camera flash at the end of the day, and how could I resist with those big puffy clouds in the background? Unfortunately, my sync cable decided to stop working just as I was getting set up, but the on-camera flash commander did a good job of talking to the strobe that I had set up on the dock with a full CTO gel to get that warm sunset light. The wind was kicking around and I knew that we didn’t have much time on the dock together, so I had to go bare bulb with this shot. Not my first choice since the lighting is a little too harsh on Parisa for my tastes, but there weren’t many other options seeing that the dock workers chased us away from the boat house with a quickness!

A special thanks to Parisa and Omid for such a great day and photo session. These two were awesome and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in October!