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Kase Rehersal Dinner

I’m VERY PROUD to present to you guys Part I of the Carlos and Liz Kase wedding!

I have been friends with Carlos’s younger brother Ben for about 10 years now and I was honored when Carlos and Liz approached me to shoot their wedding on Long Island in August. They are afantastic couple who compliment each other very well. Carlos and Liz both enjoy being social, absolutely love music (as you’ll see from their reception photos in a few weeks), and are simply great people to be around.

Carlos and Liz came to me after browsing through my portfolio and were drawn to my photojournalistic style and “no-frills” attitude on shooting weddings. They are both creative people and know exactly what they want, which made this a perfect pairing!

With destination weddings, it’s usually impossible for me to pull off a typical engagement shoot unless they don’t mind having one a day or two before the ceremony. As a concession I offered up the opportunity to shoot their rehearsal dinner instead. Couples sometimes want this to be a private event, but with Carlos and Liz’s two big fun families getting together under one roof how could you not want to capture their antics!

The rehearsal dinner was held at Scrimshaw in Greenport, NY which lies at the very end of the North Fork. The beautiful waterfront and warm sunset made for an awesome backdrop that I just had to use in these shots of Carlos and Liz!

I kept things really simple on the dock and only used one 30″ Lastolite TriGrip diffuser to kill some of that harsh light from the setting sun.

Added in a 30″ Lastolie TriGrip reflector here to bring in some fill light.

This expression on Carlos’s face is par for the course since this character is always laughing at something.

After we moved inside I slapped a 1/2 CTO gel on my flash to match the incandescent bulbs and bounced the light off of the white walls. I love how this picture of Carlos’s mother turned out, very sharp around the hands and eyes and just soft enough around the edges to perfectly match the expression on her face.

Here’s a shot of my long time friend and Carlos’s younger brother Ben. We met freshmen year while attending the University of Maryland College Park and he now works at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center as an Army doc. He was uncharacteristically hilarious when it was his turn to speak about the couple and hats off to him for roasting the hell out of Carlos!

Carlos’s sister Christina, the youngest in the family and the only girl out of three boys.

I am really pumped to get their gallery out the door in the next couple of weeks to show you all what an AWESOME wedding they had, and I will be sure to drop a note on either my Twitter or Facebook account just as soon as I do!