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This fall, I was commissioned by the University of Virginia to capture an editorial portrait of Jerry Stenger who is the director of the Virginia State Climatology Office.

Here’s an excerpt on Jerry and what he does for the university and the state:

“Everyone thinks I’m a TV weatherman,” says Jerry Stenger, whose job as director of the Virginia State Climatology Office is less about trying to predict the future and more about looking into the past to solve mysteries about Virginia’s climate. He’s worked with the U.Va. Medical Center to correlate respiratory problems with changes in weather. He’s testified in court about precise weather conditions on the day of an accident. And he’s the one U.Va. event planners call each spring to find out their chances of a sunny day for Final Exercises or Reunions weekend.

Jerry was a great subject, very personable and a lot of fun to work with. Our photo was published in UVA magazine and you can read more about Jerry here.