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I am bit overdue with this posting since I initially shot James Mulherin’s Subaru STi back in early June. But not being completely satisfied with the initial batch, I went back and took another swing at it and came out with some really striking images. This one above is by far my favorite and just screams, “this road is about to be torn up!” Ok…maybe not, but that’s what I think (high res).

I’ve known James for almost five years after meeting him while flying down at Robins, AFB with the JSTARS program. Ironically enough, I sold James my 2005 Subaru STi only to have it totaled a few weeks later! It wasn’t his fault and being a true car nut he jumped right back in the saddle and bought a brand new 2006 STi with his insurance check. As you can see, this car is far from stock and James claims that she puts down 400 whp!

James was transferred up here to Andrews, AFB a little over a year ago which presented me an opportune chance to try my hand in a new market. I’ve always loved cars and even shot a few of them, but this was my first attempt at something more formal and I have a ton of lessons learned from these two ventures.

Our first go at this seemed (above) near perfect to me when we were through. We shot “ChrSTi” (as she’s affectionately known) at the Andrews, AFB hobby shop which was perfect for this shoot, aside from the fluorescent bulbs. I brought my two big Alien Bees 1600s and a gelled small strobe for the interior. Getting the right mix of ambient with the strobes, combined with the black paint was extremely difficult and I eventually opted for ambient light since balancing the AB 1600s reflections and getting a consistent fill was just too much and we had a limited schedule to shoot. This is the ideal situation for a large screen, or just a king sized sheet to diffuse the bare bulbs…which I’ll bring the next time around I’m inside with a glossy car.

After the shoot and submission, I came under heavy fire from many of the other tuners who said that the images looked too Photoshopped…which they were, but I thought that the shoe fit. Wild car, wild images, makes sense right? As it turns out, this community has more refined tastes that I couldn’t leave unsatisfied!

Returning to the scene of the crime, James and I headed back to Andrews a month later on an overcast day. With plenty of gorgeous god light and no one around, we hung out at the arrival end of the runway and captured some really cool photos. I went for a very natural look with these images and what you see is primarily color tweaking along with dodging and burning done in Photoshop.

My second favorite from the bunch. Luckily, you can spot a C-17 Globemaster III from miles away so I didn’t have to lay in the grass for too long waiting for this bird to fly over.

Another favorite of mine. You really have to work to find angles like these and I have a new found respect for dedicated automobile photographers.

By the waterside with a strobe firing into the grill off to the right for a little bit of fill light.

One last parting shot. The sky was amazing that day and the reflection of the setting sun in the headlamp is a great touch here.

Be sure to check out the rest of the gallery to really get a feel for the detail and mood I’m trying to convey with these images. Also, if you’re a Facebook user and you like my work, please sign up to become a fan of the site, every person counts and you never know who’s going to click on my link posted to your page.