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Hope you all had a great weekend, mine was quite full, especially Saturday.

Amy and I had a scheduled shoot for Buzzuto at the Newseum residences adjacent to the musem. The shoot went really well and having Amy there made things tremendously easier for myself. Right now it looks like that it’s going to take me about two weeks to turn over a finished product to them, and just as soon as I do I will look to them for permission to publish their shots.

Right after that I went off to my long time friend Chip Rockey’s house for a good friend’s bachelor party. The lucky man is Curtis Cannon, who I’ve known since middle school and he’s getting married to another good friend of mine (Yael Zakai) in August. The bachelor party was just what you would expect out of a group of “20 somethings” (isn’t that how we are classified?) and at some point in the night we ended up at the Waterfront in Georgetown for a few drinks before leaveing for our next desitination. On the way out I snapped this picture.

I normally don’t take pics of people without asking them first, but I knew that this moment was fleeting. This image is unedited since I’m not quite sure what I want to do with it yet, but to be honest I think it’s a pretty awesome shot as it is. Reflections are especially cool and hard to find. After reading an article this week in Popular Photography talking to the subject, I think I subliminally put it in my mind to find one, and I did!

I think the image really comes together well; the high ISO helped to capture a majority of the details, the lights from the building really warm the whole picture, and of course the little girl playing in the puddle bring everything together, I hope you enjoy!